8-17-17 “For Goodness Sake”

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  1. Maryn

    Thank you Pastor Rogers for your Facebook message.
    I found it by happenstance through a link from
    the gospel singer Victoria White’s beautiful voice in the shelter from the storm in Houston.
    I lost my faith at 20 and your words are the first I’ve heard in the 30 years since then that speak to my heart I had all those years ago.
    As a nurse, I work everyday with people in Florida who struggle with addiction. I find myself thinking how peaceful it must be to have their faith, the ones who visit years later and tell me God has given them peace and hope enough to rest their minds free of drugs and alcohol. Your words were authentic. Beautiful. And I thank you. But it is frightening to try again to cast my life into belief in the God who I was taught as a child was all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, all benevolent. I wish I could believe again. Today I am the happiest that I have been since childhood. Life is very good with love all around and good work I like helping others. But those years of profound faith in my God were my happiest of all in their true serenity relying upon Him. So, I will think about your words. Thank you


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